Feasibility Study

It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate through regulations to find out if building is feasible for you. It is also somewhat costly to purchase a custom design just to discover that you cannot build at the moment for some reason. For this reason we offer Feasibility Study services that will guide you through the process of discovery with respect to the desing and the land that you wish to purcahse to build on. The cost is not just in the price of the drawings but is also in the investment that you make of yourself in seeing your dreams clarified, and then a design created from your dream. We want to help you to realize that dream.

We offer some flexibility in this phase of your project. We can assist you in getting a conceptual design together that will narrow down the parameters of the project so that you will be able to go to the various authorities to see what restrictions might be placed on your concept. From the local conservation authorities to planning and building departments, we can assist you in getting your concept on paper and generate the proper paperwork to propose your ideas to get approvals to proceed with the next phases of feasibility, the costs involved.

At this stage, the decision to proceed with a full design set of drawings to tender for construction will be needed. We can get you close to the number based upon the products and services that we offer, but the balance of your costs will rely on your local general contractor. If you are operating as your own general contractor, then it will rely on the costs of your sub-trades, not to overstate the obvious.
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