We are quintedesigns.ca ...

... a boutique style design firm, located in the Quinte Region designing buildings and kitchens; and  for the discerning client, supplying specialty building materials for the construction of their projects.

Whether designing your home or cottage in ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms), SIP (Structural Insulating Panels), or in traditional stick and batt, Quinn & Quinn Inc has the experience to craft a concise set of BCIN Certified design drawings for the Province of Ontario, or for other locations too.

We produce design drawings that will not only get you the permit but that will assist the contractor in the field to know exactly what is to be done. We take the guess work out of the design and that means that your cost to build can be far better controlled, and whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, that just makes good sense. 

It is our job to get inside of your mind and design your vision. We offer ideas and suggestions where they are welcomed. Having an idea of your priorities and construction budget aids us in attempting to keep the project within those parameters.

Like any project, you make a plan and then you work the plan. Cutting corners on the plan can prove to cost in construction errors. One minor error in the field can more than cost the difference between a cheap design and a good design.