Project Gallery

With over 1,000 plans in our inventory, we offer a cross section of items here that we will update continuously. These design sets are available for purchase, without changes, for a very reasonable cost. We have the original design files for all of these and can change and modify to suit you for a fee that would be substantially less than going to someone local to you.

With the software technologies we employ and the internet, we can send you a visual walkthrough that you can navigate from the comfort of your own home, aiding you in the decision-making process.

We offer to you to explore what is here and to contact us if you don't see anything that suits you. Chances are that we have a model that will be very close. Beyond that, more than anything, we love the challenge of a new and fresh design and would love to forward to you a questionnaire that provokes your thought and starts to clarify the programming of the building and thus, your design.

Whether you are designing the home, cottage or kitchen of your dreams, or if you have the need to build a small commercial building or to create an inviting landscape, our published design team can fulfill or better your expectations. Call us at (613) 398-1622. or contact us by email if that is preferred. We believe that you will be pleased that you did.